With over 30 years of industry experience, Brain Gallagher has authored hundreds of articles and books on a range of topics including marketing, business development, leadership, human resources, recruiting and more.

Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders

By: Brian Gallagher

Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders is an essential guide for leaders navigating the complex terrain of the construction industry. This book is a masterclass in strategic planning, offering a clear blueprint for those at the helm of construction organizations, from growing family businesses to established corporate entities. It includes universally relevant strategies and adaptable techniques meticulously crafted to steer your company toward intentional growth and enduring success. The book provides a comprehensive overview of essential tools and methodologies necessary for the development, implementation, execution, and continual monitoring of a strategic plan. It addresses the challenges and risks inherent in the construction industry, demonstrating how strategic planning is pivotal for growth, operational efficiency, optimal resource allocation, risk management, and sustainable expansion. Embrace the principles within to ensure intentional growth and the long-term prosperity of your construction organization. Order on Amazon.

Leading With Marketing

By: Brian Gallagher and Kimberly Kayler

LWM book-cover

Superior customer service, focus on niches, a deep understanding of customer needs, creation of value, impeccable quality, exceptional service, great relationships, a strong brand, a stellar reputation…the list could go on and on. While there may not be a consistent formula for success for all leading AEC firms, a common characteristic is marketing. These firms don’t view marketing as an expense but as an investment. As a key leader or marketing professional in your organization, your responsibility is to provide leadership to the marketing process. When companies lead with marketing, they choose which markets to target, what services to offer, how to differentiate, how to communicate, and how to win. Leading With Marketing provides the framework for winning. Order on Amazon.

Building Business Cover

Building Business With Social Media

By: Brian Gallagher and Kimberly Kayler

Technology continues to revolutionize how companies in the architectural, engineering, construction (AEC), and manufacturing industries do business. In response to this trend, these firms need to leverage social media to establish and maintain a competitive marketing advantage. Building Business with Social Media is an introductory-level book geared toward leaders, principles, and marketers for business-to-business companies and organizations. Building Business with Social Media is designed to provide AEC, manufacturing, and other business-to-business marketers with a basic understanding of social media tools while providing ideas to enhance your firm’s online presence, build brand awareness, and generate demand through the strategic application of social media tools. Order on Amazon.

Voices For Leadership: Volume 1

By: Brian Brogen with Brian Gallagher as a contributing author

Your Pathway to Becoming a More Influential Leader. A new age has dawned. Prominent leaders, experts, and visionaries are digging deep to examine their shifting roles and responsibilities in business, their communities, and society.

They have become change-makers, paradigm-shifters, and alchemists. By asking leading questions and sharing our collective experiences, we will empower the generations of new thinkers and an international movement of voices for leadership. Voices for Leadership: Volume 1 brings together 40 leadership though leaders in one place to provide thought-provoking and insightful ideas to help every leader no matter where they are on their leadership journey. Brian Gallagher was one of several contributing authors to this powerful leadership book.